Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do before the Balloons over Waikato tickets go live?

Tickets go live at 9am on 26th February – to make the checkout process easy prior to the tickets going live, create a Ticketek Account.


Do children require a ticket to attend The ZURU Nightglow?

Yes, everyone over the age of 2 years old requires a ticket for entry


Is there a limit on the number of FREE tickets one person can be allocated?

Yes, one individual can only purchase a maximum of 10 FREE tickets.

I missed out on ZURU Nightglow tickets, will there be a waitlist?

If the event is at capacity, we will have a waitlist system in place and you will be advised when any returned tickets become available.

I didn’t get my Park & Ride bus ticket when I got my Nightglow tickets, can I still get on a bus?

Yes, you can still get on a bus even if you didn’t book your Park & Ride ticket. The Park & Ride tickets purpose is to provide an estimate on bus placement around Hamilton to ensure everyone has transport.

I got my FREE tickets, but I can no longer go…what should I do with my tickets?

You will be able to return tickets via the Ticketek app, or you can email [email protected] advising how many tickets you would like to return.

How do I know my tickets are confirmed?

You will be presented with a ticket confirmation page and an email will be sent to your registered email address confirming the details of your transaction.

Your ezyTicket™ will be sent to you 2 WEEKS PRIOR to the event. Print this PDF with the QR code or display the QR code on your phone to access the event.

How and when will I receive my tickets?

Your ticket will be in an ezyTicket™ format. Once your tickets are confirmed, you will receive a QR code 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE EVENT which you can then choose to print off or display on your phone when entering the event.

What does Ticketek do against Scalping (unauthorised on selling of tickets)

The ZURU Nightglow is providing FREE tickets strictly through Ticketek. Please DO NOT purchase tickets off other platforms or anyone trying to sell them.

What is a rain date, and what does it mean if event is postponed?

Sunday 24 March 2024 has been set aside as the rain date. If the event is unable to go ahead on Saturday 23 March it will be postponed to the Sunday. Your existing ticket will be valid for the new event date, you do not need to exchange or update your ticket.

When do the gates open for The ZURU Nightglow?

The ZURU Nightglow is on Saturday 23rd March, Claudelands Oval with Gate 2 opening at 4pm. The entertainment doesn’t start until 5pm, with a full entertainment list available under our “What’s on – The ZURU Nightglow” tab.

What time does the entertainment start?

The gates open at 4pm to give you time to settle in before the entertainment starts at 5:00pm, with Kenny & Steve being our first performers.

What time is The Glow?

The Glow Show starts at 8:00pm. With the Afterglow continuing from 8:30-9:00pm.  

How do I get to The ZURU Nightglow?

We are providing multiple transport options for ticketholders, if you want to drive and park at the venue there will be $5 CASH parking on Claudelands Park, access will be via the Settlement Centre Waikato car park located at 46G Boundary Road, but FREE PARKING is available on all surrounding side streets.

BUSIT have provided a Park & Ride scheme with 6 key locations, from The Hamilton Gardens, Te Huia (Frankton Station, Charter Passengers from Auckland only), Melville High School, Frankton Primary School, Rotokauri Hub Express and Grosvenor Park.

Will there be wheelchair/disability parking at Claudelands?

Yes! Disability parking is on Claudelands Park for a $5 cash fee. You must be displaying a mobility parking permit, for our parking team to direct you to the reserved area closest to the event.

Will my bag be searched?

Yes, there will be a bag search while entering the venue as per venue Terms & Conditions. 

Can I bring my own food and drink to the event?

Yes, you can bring home-made food for individual personal consumption, such as sandwiches, fruit, biscuits or cake. But absolutely NO ALCOHOL OR COMMERCIALLY PRODUCED FOOD AND DRINKS.

Are there conditions of entry to Claudelands?

Yes, your entry to the venue is subject to you complying with the conditions laid out HERE.

Key things to note:

  • You and your possessions may be searched before entering the venue, during the event or when leaving the venue. If you refuse to participate in being searched, you may be denied entry or asked to leave the venue.
  • You will be responsible for your belongings, do not leave them unattended.
  • Children under the age of 14 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • If you are presenting signs of intoxication, you may be denied entry.
  • You must follow the instructions of the venue and event staff.
What are the hot air balloons made of? What makes them rise?

The correct name for the “balloon” is the bag or envelope and is made of rip-stop material or dacron. The material is very lightweight and coated on the inside to prevent leaks. Hot air is lighter than cold so when the air in the balloon is heated the surrounding cold air pushes the balloon upwards.

How are they inflated?

It takes about four or more people to inflate the balloon as it is difficult to manage on the ground, especially in gusty winds. This can be a particularly fun part of ballooning and definite group activity.

To begin with, the envelope needs to be stretched along the ground and attached to the basket that will be lying on its side. A petrol-powered fan blows air into the balloon, the burner is then turned on to heat the air in the balloon causing the balloon to stand upright.

How big are hot air balloons?

Usually hot air balloons range from 1840 to 2973 cubic metres in volume and stand at approximately 21 metres tall.  Commercial and special shapes are usually much bigger.  

How fast do they travel?

Once in flight, the balloons travel as fast as the wind surrounding them.

Can hot air balloons be steered?

Strictly speaking balloons are unable to be steered. There are however some limited ways of navigating through valving gas (releasing gas) to descend into different layers of different directional wind, or heating the air in the balloon to ascend into different directional wind. A drag rope can also be dragged over the ground to stabilise and slow the balloon at low altitudes.

When is the best time to fly a hot air balloon?

The best time to fly is when the wind is at its stillest. This usually occurs just after sunrise and around sunset.

How high do hot air balloons fly?

Usually most balloons fly between 500 feet (152 metres) and 1000 feet (304 metres) high although they can fly both higher and lower than this. The length of time a hot air balloon can stay up depends on the amount of fuel (liquid propane) it carries. Most balloons will carry enough propane to remain in flight for around two hours (110 -150 litres), but the length of time that the fuel lasts depends on factors such as the weather, weight and the temperature.

What causes the flame?

The propane remains in a liquid form while pressurised in tanks.  When the valves are opened the propane atomises (turns into a gas) and is ignited by the burners, causing the flame we observe.

How do you get back after your flight?

A chase vehicle and crew follows the balloon while it is in flight and should be ready to assist the balloon as it lands. The balloon and passengers are then returned to base.

Can anyone fly a hot air balloon?

In many countries, a licence is required to fly a hot air balloon and can be obtained by meeting a series of requirements set by each country’s aviation authority. Some of the requirements within the US, for example, include passing a written and practical test and flying a prescribed number of hours including solo and at various altitudes.

In New Zealand, there is no specific balloon pilot licence system although work is being done with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to establish criteria for one. Most New Zealand pilots are trained by other pilots, many of whom have received their training overseas.

What is the difference between a hot air balloon and a gas balloon?

A gas balloon is completely enclosed and contains a gas such as helium, which causes it to rise. A hot air balloon is only partially enclosed and the air inside is heated, which causes it to rise.

What are some uses of balloons?

Balloons can be used for reporting readings about the weather. The balloons are equipped with a weather instrument package called a radiosonde that sends readings about the weather back to the balloon’s base as it passes through the atmosphere.